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Personalized Christmas balls

There are events in life that are worth remembering. For these special days and moments in life, why not consider a personalized Christmas ornament that will commemorate these special moments; the birth of a child, meeting your life partner, a birthday or a wedding, your first home, the creation of a company or a graduation. La Boutique de Noel offers its clients the opportunity to create a unique memento that will allow you to relive these moments every year in an elegant and festive way. You can personally choose from the designs offered and our talented artists will execute it by hand on a beautiful glass ball which will then be gift wrapped for you. You can have the names of your loved ones, or your chosen desired text inscribed on it in beautiful calligraphy. The elves here at La Boutique will be happy to make it so, just for you.

Other personalized ornaments

Many other ornaments in the Christmas Shop can be personalized to feature your personal motto or that of a friend or an important event. Customization can include the year of your visit, as a reminder of a memorable event, every Christmas. La Boutique de Noel offers a large selection to choose from, both in the store and online. A personalized ornament could be for your sport or hobby, your profession, or just for the pleasure of making people smile, when they receive a thoughtful gift like a personalized Christmas ornament.


We are currently preparing an updated version of our personalization catalog. In the meantime, we invite you to contact us by phone for more information at: