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For the Wonder of the Eyes

The mission of La Boutique de Noël de Québec is to transmit the Christmas tradition through the generations, by providing a magical and enchanting experience that brings young and old back to their Christmas memories.

Come and discover our decorations, nativity scenes, small villages, collector's items and Christmas souvenirs while offering your family and yourself an unforgettable piece of dream.

For the wonder of the eyes, a detour not to be missed in the heart of Old Quebec.

Picture of a road a snowy day

It All Began in the Summer of 1986

"La Boutique de Noël de Quebec, first known as Boutique Joyeux Noël, was founded in the Summer of 1986, on rue Garneau in the district known as Old Quebec (Vieux Québec). Its decor had the appeal of gift wrapping: stone walls and ceiling dating back to the 18th century and red and white checkered floor gave it a distinctive old world charm. The originality of this business was amazing; offering ornaments of all kinds including wooden carvings created by the well-known White Sisters.

Even today, there is an astonishing variety of sculpted ornaments of Santa Claus, his elves and snowmen that adorn the trees, for all lovers of traditional Christmas.

1992: A Breath of Inspiration

In 1992, La Boutique moved back to the onetime premises of La Corriveau bookstore and inspired the French television channel TF2 to produce a report on the attractions of the City of Quebec. The production team even wanted to meet Father Christmas and Marc Gaboury led them to the famous Red Door, which is claimed to be the secret passage to the North Pole. For years, fascinated European tourists have eagerly flocked to see this curious attraction.

La Boutique de Noël de Québec also set up a Christmas counter, at the Place Laurier shopping center in the western sector of Quebec city, to offer its treasures to the City of Ste-Foy until 1995.

A Historic Site

While remaining in Old Quebec, La Boutique relocated to Buade street, facing Notre-Dame Cathedral, We are now established in an historic building, which the Librairie Garneau used to occupy in the last century.

Since then, the magic of La Boutique has made its home in this historic setting that never fails to impress.

The secret passage to the North Pole is still there and thousands of visitors from all countries there come to get Christmas ornaments, collectibles, and memories of their stay in Quebec.

In this Christmas Village, there is an impressive collection of new pieces constantly enriched by Father Christmas figurines, nativity scenes, angels, musical or illuminated products as well as ornaments from all nationalities to brighten up the holiday season and also any time of the year.

An Internationally Renowned Boutique

In 2017 a crew from the popular Korean TV show “Goblin: The Lonely and Great God’ filmed a romantic kissing scene between the protagonist “Goblin” and his fiancée under a magic candle. Since then, the popularity of this scene has attracted many visitors from Asia, curious to experience the magic of this exchange.

A Warm Team of Elves

The team at La Boutique de Noël de Québec, and its elves, are proud to welcome everyone to this unique and magical location that appeals to children from 7 to 97 years old.

Our fondest wish is that the magic of our store will entice you to return to find even more ornaments, to beautify your festive gatherings or just for the pleasure to share with family and friends.

Traîneau du Père Noël avec un renne

A Living Legend

Finally, it is said that Santa Claus often parks his sled on the roof of the Boutique and that its reindeer stick their noses out to watch the passers-by on the sidewalk. Look carefully! You might be able to spot them when you visit Quebec's La Boutique de Noël!

Our Values


The open-mindedness we demonstrate on a daily basis enables us to be on an equal footing, with respect and honesty for all.

Team Spirit

Thanks to the spirit of cooperation and mutual aid shown by everyone, we have good communication that unites the work team.

Warm Atmosphere

We are committed to working in an atmosphere of fun, good humor and trust, thus contributing to a warm and pleasant working environment.


We put our talents and strengths to work, exercising leadership and developing ourselves for our own professional fulfillment and the company's success.

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