Come treat yourself and your family to a piece of an unforgettable dream!

Christmas Stockings and Wall Decor

Christmas stockings, frames, flags, Advent calendars, wreaths and various wall decorations to decorate your homes for the Holidays!
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Balls, garlands and ribbons

Christmas balls and snowy musical balls that will make you dream! Ribbons and garlands to give the final touch to your Christmas decor!
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Nativities, Trees and Tree Tops

Everything you need to decorate the base and top of your tree! Nativity scenes, treetops, small and large trees… and tree skirts!
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Angels, animals, snowmen, Santas, bells, jingle bells, stars, snowflakes, small characters, sweets, cakes, gingerbread and customizable ornaments related to sports, professions and hobbies.
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The Workshop

There are events in life that deserve to be remembered. For yourself or for a loved one, why not offer a personalized Christmas ball that will bring back to memory what was important!

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Little gems from the Charming Tales, Coca-Cola, Disney, Fabriche and Tails with Heart Mice collections and products from the movies and TV series you love.
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Table Pieces

Angels, snowmen, nutcrackers, gnomes, elves, gingerbread houses, Santas, animated musical pieces, trains, villages, small Christmas trees and gifts for the bride and groom!
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Contact us

If you have any questions or comments, we invite you to contact us by phone, email, or even come and meet us in store. You will find all our contact details on the page:

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Luminous Products

Christmas lights, angels, lanterns, retro-style televisions, balls, candles, treetops, night lights, Christmas villages... Here, everything is bright!
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Souvenirs and varied products

Keychains, magnets and souvenir tableware. Jewellery, calendars, cards, puzzles, cushions, rugs, hand towels and handkerchiefs, books, stuffed animals, dishes, hot chocolate sachets and clothing!
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About us

The mission of La Boutique de Noël de Québec is to transmit the Christmas tradition through the generations, by providing a magical and enchanting experience that brings young and old back to their Christmas memories.

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